Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tavern signs

So here I am writing my first blog. How exciting!!!

Well how do I start? Let's see. I guess I'll start with my tavern/inn signs. As you see in the picture my husband and I have recreated an inn sign. This is our third sign we have painted. I'll have to get pictures of the other two and post them.

Our interest in the tavern signs began because hubby is a home brewer. For those of you who haven't heard of that before, my hubby brews his own beer. This is where his interests and my interests cross paths. I LOVE Early American and he LOVES brewing beer. So it would only seem natural that we both would LOVE the Early American tavern/inn signs. So with his woodworking skills and my painting we started making these signs for our home and to sell.

I have several more signs lined up to be painted. I'll be sure to post pictures of them as I paint them. Thank you for taking the time to come by my little piece of the blogging community. Hope to see you back again.