Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving is over

Well Thanksgiving day is over. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and filled up on some yummy food and spent time with family and friends. I myself had a wonderful weekend. My oldest son who is in the U.S. Navy came up to visit me. I haven't seen him since last May. He leaves tomorrow and hopefully I will see him again soon.

The picture of the adorable turkey is my niece Sarah. My sister dressed her up and took pictures. Sarah is her first baby so of course we are blessed with LOTS of adorable pictures of that beautiful girl.

Not much more to update, I am almost finished with my tavern sign, hubby is finishing up some stacking chests for me and a stove top cover. ( he loves me so much!!!) I am working on a gift for a Christmas exchange. I am loving it, it is such a great challenge. My partner decorates her home in vintage, so I researched a LOT for this gift and finally ran across something PERFECT to create. I always love to be challenged when it comes to my crafting, if I'm not I will tend to make everything look the same, so this has been the perfect challenge for me.

OH...I almost forgot, hubby and I have been working on our kitchen re-do.. Oh what a mess. I have (well hubby has not me) stripped down our cabinets to bare wood. (if you don't have a heat gun... I recommend getting one for jobs like this works GREAT!!) The cabinets are being painted a really dark gray/blue. I am distressing them, then staining. The walls are painted a butter milk. We'll replace the ugly linoleum with a nice 24" tiles in a cream color. I'll be sure to post pics when finished.

Well that is it for now. I'll be back soon to update...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Portrait painting

Well here is one of my portraits I have painted.(excuse the bad pic I'll have hubby take a better one later) I have this hanging over my fire place. I have 4 more in line to be painted. I just have to make the time. I am going to paint an olde skipper ship as well. Right now I am in the middle of painting an olde tavern sign. One I have been wanting to paint for about 2 years now.

Please note these are not my own original patterns. I browse the internet and research books and paint items I like I do this with furniture too. Poor hubby... he has a list this weekend... I have already advised him he is making me a side table for my couch and a set of stacking trunks... I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as each of my projects are finished...

Well I am going to go for now. I'll be back soon. I am working feverishly to finish my tavern sign

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Had a wonderful Halloween Night

Last night was wonderful. Our family went to a family member's home for a Halloween party. We all dress up. Ate snacks and drank some adult beverages (root beer for the children of course)

There was a costume contest and my husband won by a land slide. Which he should have he spent 2 weeks researching how to dress up like a zombie. I am so happy the night is over and my husband is back with us here on earth and not researching that zombie stuff. LOL

On our way to the party we stopped at a cemetery and took a few pictures. Don't worry, we made sure there wasn't anyone there visiting family. I would feel horrible if there was.

I am back on track crafting today. We are working on a tavern sign. I have it cut out and base coated it black. After it dries I will sketch the drawing on then start the painting. This will probably take me about a week to get it finished. I am still sewing samplers for a local store so I can only paint between stitching.

I don't know why I do this. I always have 4 or more things going at once. It's almost like I have ADD. LOL Do any of the other crafters have so many irons in the fire?