Sunday, October 4, 2009

Prim Fall Table settings

Well today I worked on my prim fall table. You will have to excuse the pictures, I used my cell phone. The plates are actually wood chargers that I have painted. I went to Hobby Lobby Friday and purchased their plain wood plates and painted them black, sanded then stained them. I am debating if I want to paint some bittersweet around the edges or just leave them. Maybe I'll have to purchase another set and have one of each. LOL

I'm so glad I ran across these plates this weekend, I have been searching for the perfect plates for my table for about 18 months. I have purchased pewter chargers and wasn't pleased with the look. (That's ok I now have pewter plates for the plate shelf hubby made me) I search the stores all the time for plates with no success.

The basket with the crow is something I found at the GW yesterday. It is one of many treasures I found while shopping there. Well I need to get back to the dining room, I need to clean the wood floor...**Maria the house servant isn't doing the house hold cleaning.

**Maria is a fictitious person that hubby and I talk about when the house is a mess. One of us will ask when Maria is coming to clean.


  1. That is a real good idea. Your table looks great! I love the plates. They look brown on my computer, but black is even better!

  2. Hi Tammy, oh you have a beautiful blog! Love your tavern sign and your background with the willow trees. It's so wonderful when we can have an interest with our husbands that gives us something to do together. Thanks so much for coming by my blog and signing up for the give-away. so nice to meet you!

  3. Tammy, Your chargers are great! What a good idea to paint your own, now they are exactly what you want. I must ask you to send Maria over to my house when you see her next, that would free up more of my time to craft! Ann

  4. Tammy, I love your plate chargers. What a great idea!! I saw your post over at Notforgotten Farm and I too am going to visit the Craft Gallery in Findlay...can't wait to see what she has for Christmas designs..although I have so many started right Do you ever visit Early American Home in Findlay..? I love her stuff too. Nice to meet you... Dianntha

  5. Oh Love the chargers girl!!!! Did you notice did they have bowls by chance??? I can't seem to find unfinished wood bowls. Anyway, the fish tank stand is awesome too.